One part of the skin care routine——Washing your face

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Everyone knows that washing your face is important. But do you really know how to wash your face properly? Today, I'm here to give you some tips on how to wash your face. Take these tips to heart and keep doing them for a month. Let's see what will happen on your face.

Step 1 Wet your face with lukewarm water

The temperature of the water used to wash your face is very important, some people use cool water to save time. Some people think that only hot water can clean their face because they have oily skin. In fact, these views are wrong and the right choice is warm water. If you can, it is highly recommended to use pure water. Warm pure water not only keeps the pores open, but also ensures that you do not lose too much of the protective oils on your face. You know, tap water has damaged your skin.

Step 2 Cleanser and Foaming

No matter what type of cleanser you use, you shouldn't use too much of it. Wet your hands, squeeze a dime-size amount of your cleanser onto clean hands and then rub your hands together to produce foam as much as possible. To achieve this, you could use some tools. This steps is the most important step of all, but it is also the most frequently forgotten. If you just apply the cleanser to your face without lathering it up, the cleansing effect will be compromised and some of the cleanser will stay in your pores, causing skin irritation. Note: To those people who with drier skin, just apply the cleanser evenly on your face. 

Step 3 Massage your face

After applying cleanser on your face, gently massage your face with your fingers from top to bottom in a circular motions and repeat it for 15 times. Addording to the different types of cleanser you use, the time for them to work is also different, maybe you should wait for more times to allow the cleanser works its magic.

Step 4 Rinse the cleanser

When the massage is complete, it’s time to rinse the cleanser with water. Some women are afraid that the cleanser would not be cleaned if only rinse it with water. So they choose to clean their face with towel and rub so hard. In face, this is not right and may damage your delicate skin. You should use a moist towel to gently press on your face, and after a few repetitions you will be able to remove the cleanser without hurting your skin. Avoid using hot water when rinsing your face. Using water that is too hot can irritate your skin and dry out your skin.


Step 5 Check the hairline

After the step 4, it seems that the whole skin care routine is completed, but it is not. You still need to check if there is any residual cleanser around your hairline through the mirror, this step is easily and often overlooked. Some women are always prone to acne around their hairline because they neglect this step.

Step 6 Rinse your face with cool water

Finally, genty rub and rinse off with clean water several times, then put a towel dipped in cool water on your face. This is great for closing the pores, promotes blood circulation in the face and soothing the skin. When the step 6 is finished, the whole precess of washing face can be considered complete. Note: Please omit step 6 if your skin is sensitive.