Men’s razors vs. women’s razors

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In recent years, the market appears many shavers that are specially designed for women. Can we get the same close shave as men’s shavers with women’s shavers? Can we girls shave our body with men’s shavers instead of women’s shavers? Is there any difference between men’s and women’s shavers? If there is, let’s see whether these distinctions are meaningful, or just marketing.

Blade sharpness between men's and women’s shaver

Many women assume men’s razor blades are sharper and better than women’s, why is that? Because men tend to have coarser hair on their faces need to be shaved every day. Actually, there is no difference in blade sharpness between the 2 kinds of shavers. However, the blades have different angles.

Men’s razor blades are arranged with a greater angle to cut through dense facial hair more easily. Women’s razors don’t need the same angle to get through softer body hair. Because of the angle, a men’s razor can lead to more cuts if a woman uses it on her body.


The handles on women’s razors are very different from the handle on a razor for men. It’s easy to understand when you imagine the ways women have to hold a razor to reach those tricky spots, and then add in a shaving gel or soap that things can get slippery in the shower. It’s no wonder women need a different kind of handle.

Shaver Head

Since the 2 kinds of shaver mainly focus on shaving different areas, the shaving head is also designed to be different. Women’s shaver head comes with a straight blade, a curve blade, and floating foil for fitting better into the curves such as behind the knee and underarms. Besides the regular shaver head, women’s comes with eyebrow trimmer heads and bikini trimmer heads.

Moisture Strip

Last but not least—the lubricating strip. Most men’s razors tend to be no moisture strip, shaving gel or foam is enough for men’s skin. For women’s razors, you can see a moisture strip on the shaver head, girl’s skin isn’t as coarse as the men’s. They need that extra hydration and soothing so their skin doesn’t become irritated with razor burn—the worst!

Can I use a men’s razor on My legs?

It’s not recommended to use men’s razors on women’s legs or arms. As previously stated, a men’s razor can lead to more cuts if a woman uses it on her body. The shaver head, handle shape, rotation, and how it fits within the contours of the skin, all of these aspects are different. When you have no choice but need to shave your legs, well, pick up the men’s shaver and give it a try.