How to remove your face hair?

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    When a person see you the first time, your face is the first place they looks. So most of us don’t want people to see us with embarrassing facial hair. That’s why we want to find ways to get rid of our facial hair, and explains why many methods was developed to remove it. you can epilate, tweeze, wax, sugar, thread, burn, shave or bleach; use creams, lasers, IPL, electrolysis or make-up. If you are pursuit a fast and easy way to remove face hair, shaving, without any doubt, is the perfect way, but hair grows back fast. If you are pursuit a long-lasting hair removal effect and not afraid of pain, maybe the epilator is what you want. In addition, waxing can also achieve this a long-lasting effect, but waxing is prone to leave mess and sticky residues on your skin and hard to do at home. So what now?

1.Clean your face before the hair removal

The purpose of washing your face is to rinse the dirt and foreign matter from your facial skin, so in general, using hot water at a certain temperature is good for opening the pores and cleaning the excess oil and dirt in the hair follicles, so as to dissolve the oil and residual cleanser on your face, which is good for removing the keratin from your facial skin, thus ensuring the cleanliness and health of your skin.

There is one thing should be mentioned, the water you choose to clean your face.

First of all, washing your face with cold water does not have the effect of continuously shrinking your pores.

Secondly, the solubility of water-soluble substances also depends on the temperature of the solution, the higher the temperature of the solution, the more solutes can be dissolved, so water that is too cold is not strong enough to dissolve the oil and dirt on your face and clean it.

2. Tips for choosing the right method.


The smooth skin could last 1-2 days since shaving removes hairs from the surface. This means you have to be prepared to do a constant maintenance. But shaving is easy and quick, even for the beginner.

Tip: Shave against the direction of hair growth to get a close shave. If you want to avoid irritation, shave in the direction the hair grows.


The smooth skin could last uo to 4 weeks, it’s really long-lasting, but only the hair to be at least 0.5mm long the wax can grab it. That means you need to let your hair grow for a couple of weeks before the next wax.

Tip: It is recommended to test the wax on your arms at first before you apply it on you face.


It removes hair from the root and is also long-lasting (same as wax, up to 4 weeks) but the good news is that you don’t have to wait for hair to grow back as long! You can epilate when hairs are shorter – 0.02mm! Plus it’s faster than tweezers.