Do You Wear Underwear Under Swim Shorts?

It’s summer! It’s the time of long days, unapologetic fun, and swimming. Whether you’re a pool guy or enjoying the beach (or anything in between), you might have a few fashion questions about swimwear. It’s good that you’re thinking things through. Strangely, one of the more common questions from a lot of guys is whether or not they should have underwear beneath their swim shorts. We’ll answer this and more.

Just . . . No
If you’re here for a quick answer, you already have it. Underwear with swimming shorts is generally a bad idea, even if you wear tighty whities. If you want to know why and get deeper into the topic, keep reading.

It’s Bad for Your Underwear
Inevitably, at least one of you guys reading this is out of the loop. You don’t care what your underwear looks like. As long as it can stay on, it’s good enough, right. That’s pretty sad, and someday, we hope you understand why.

The rest of you need to understand that swimming is very hard on your underwear. Sure, a single dip won’t kill it, but if you’re sporting a second layer every time you swim, the water is going to cause serious damage. In swimming pools, chlorine destroys color and even damages the fibers of the clothing. They’ll look bad and won’t last.

In the ocean, salt replaces chlorine, but the overall effect is much the same. Even if you swim in crystal-clear mountain lakes every day, the water is still going to put a strain on the cotton and damage boxers, briefs, or odor-eliminating underwear.